For ten years we have been moving to and from summer pastures with our faithful companions between Frangy and the Aravis.

This year, we invite you to join us.

It will take three days walking to get round Annecy,  to go up the Thônes valley and reach the Aravis pass.

Moving to and from summer pastures is a special time when people and animals join together in efforts imposed by a long walk. It will not leave you indifferent.

The beauty of the landscape, warm atmosphere, donkeys attractive character, friendly lodging hosts and healthy tiredness will put you into the simple and authentic reality of the country living.

Dates :  Spring :   May 21, 22, 23,  2009.
              On 24th possibiliy of recreation
and lunch in common.

 Rates :  250 €

Accommodations :  Hay barns and mountain's

Difficulty :  7 to 8 hour walk per day.
                    Nothing to carry.

Group : Limited to 20 people.

Tour guides : Donkeys breeders.

Please contact us to register.


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